Life hacks are useful enough in daily life, but they will be critical when the SHTF!

Life hacks are useful enough in daily life, but they will be critical when the SHTF.

Cool tricks and tips won’t just make your life more convenient- they will determine your ability to survive.

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This prepper tip list is full of secret life hacks that you’ll have to see to believe.

Read on and learn these unheard of hacks and tips that will shock even the most experienced prepper.

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1. Get a grip on rusted jars with some duct tape.


If your jars have been sitting in your preps for very long there’s a good chance that those lids might not pop off as easily as expected. Use a piece of duct tape to twist that lid right off.

Instructions here.

 2. Create arrow heads out of keys.


This is a great idea as a back up home defense strategy!

Instructions here.

 3. Use crayons as emergency survival candles.


In a pinch you can light these up as an emergency light source!

Instructions here.

4. Use duct tape and toilet paper to set broken bones.


This make shift splint will help you heel up those injuries even if you can’t make it to the hospital.

Instructions here.

5. Create a toothpick cannon with keyboard cleaner.


This is more for entertainment than utility. Make this mini weapon to combat boredom!

Instructions here.

6. Stash emergency cash in your phone case.


It’s somewhere that no one will ever think to look. Plus, it will stay locked up safe until you really need it!

Instructions here.

 7. Stave off frost bite with baby oil.


A little baby oil can go a long way when it comes to saving your skin in extreme weather.

Instructions here.

 8. Improvise a safe tick remover out of thread and a mechanical pencil.


In case you encounter ticks, here’s a method for safely and effectively removing them from your skin!

Instructions here.

9. Carry all your water in one trip with a stick.


Whether you have a hockey stick around or just a branch off of a tree, you can haul all your water jugs at once with this practical tip.

Instructions here.

10. Turn an old bike into a crossbow.


A bike, some tubing, a little duct tape, and you have an improvised crossbow!

Instructions here.

11. Turn lemons into power with a couple of pennies.


Some pennies and some know how are all you need to turn this citrus into some electrical current.

Instructions here.

Pulled from http://americanpreppersnetwork.com


Water, Food, Shelter, Other


Water is truly the staff of life, without it, you will die in just a few days.  Assume that for whatever reason, your taps won’t work – there is no water coming into your home.  What else do you have?  Do you have bottled water somewhere?  Did you know there is about 50 gallons of water stored in your water heater?  There’s also a few gallons in the tank of your toilet!  If you have an outside water source – such as a lake, creek or storm drain – do you have a way to filter it?  Your first goal with water should be to be able to provide your family with 2 weeks worth of water and a way to continue filtering found water after that.  Here is a great place to start learning about water.


Did you know that most people in the United States have less than 2 weeks of food stored in their home?!  If this includes you, it’s time to make a change!  Take a look at your food supplies and estimate how long you could survive on it – for most beginners it’s pretty scary!   Your first goal with food should be to have 1 month worth of meals stored, immediately after that you’re going to get 3 months worth as quickly as possible.  Here is a great place to learn about storing your own food.  Some additional fantastic resources for Food Storage are Everyday Food Storage and Food Storage Made Easy.


It is critical that you be able to control your environment in an emergency.  The place to start is your home.  If you live in an area where it gets very cold in the winter (as in you HAVE to run a heater to survive) then the most critical thing for you is going to be able to heat your home – or rather a section (at least one bedroom) of it.  You’ll want to have a kerosene heater to keep a warm spot in your home.  Here’s a good place to start learning about heating your home in an emergency.


There is A LOT more!  But this will get you off the ground on your adventure in getting prepared!  We suggest you read about The Path of the Prepper and follow it.  Join the APN and become an active member of the community. You can safely ask questions there and very quickly get 30 different opinions on what you’re trying to figure out!  You’ll be able to make new friends who are just as interested in your new lifestyle.  Find out about your state networks and get active in them.  If you’re so inclined, start making a bit of money by writing about your experience!  Everyone loves to read articles written by people who are just getting started.

If you would like to read a very comprehensive article about everything a Prepper takes into consideration,read “Ready For Anything”