Egg Hacks

When eggs are a part of every morning, the whole crack-and-scramble routine starts to feel, um, eggceptionally boring. Meanwhile,the perfect poach starts to seem too elusive, too confusing and altogether too much work.

It’s time to get your egg hack on. These brilliant tricks make perfect poached eggs, delicious one-minute egg bakes, and omelets with waffle-iron cracks so deep, they could absorb just about any amount of Sriracha. Prepare yourself for an eggcellent morning.

1. Use a poaching bag for the easiest poach of your life. The bags are cheap, disposable and the best thing since poached eggs themselves. Just simmer your egg in a bag, and it’s good to go.fried egg onion
2. Fry your eggs in onion rings. Chances are you already have an onion on hand, and these perfectly circular fried eggs come out sandwich-ready. fried egg onion
3. Don’t peel hard-boiled eggs … just slice them. Cut right through the egg with a knife, then whisk the shell off. It’s infinitely faster. (Photo Credit: NoBiggie)
4. Make hard-boiled eggs in the oven. Not only does a muffin tin allow you to “hard boil” more eggs at once, but Alton Brown says cooking them in the oven makes for a creamier egg inside.(Photo Credit: The Burlap Bag)
5. Whip up a magical “golden egg.” It’s like a hard-boiled egg, except everything’s yellow inside. The secret turns out to be an old T-shirt and some arm muscles.
6. And don’t forget: you can make omelets in a waffle iron. (Photo Credit: Kat’s Kitchen Collective) flight attendant crash pad
7. Separate yolks with a water bottle for easy egg whites. Thismagical method eliminates the whole goop-between-the-shell process.
8. Microwave an egg in a ramekin for a one-minute breakfast. It literally takes 60 seconds — and one dish — to make this baked egg lookalike.
9. Or bake dozens of eggs in muffin tins for a big breakfast crew.Consider it an in-home McDonald’s. (Photo Credit: Macheesmo)
10. Make multiple omelets at once, in plastic bags. This trick allows everyone in your group to DIY their own toppings, but it eliminates the need for a zillion different pans. (Photo Credit: Homemade Ginger)
11. And when all else fails, use Julia Child’s poached egg trickthat works every time. Boil the egg for 10 seconds before cracking it into water, and you’ll achieve a perfectly oval poached shape. Because who’s an egg master? YOU ARE! (Photo Credit: New York Times) d

Egg Hacks

Internet Broadcasting without the pain

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Coffee Hack

America’s Test Kitchen is like a 2,500-square-foot gift from Boston to the world. And it just keeps giving.

But rather than six-course dinners, their chefs produce “Cook’s Illustrated” and “Cook’s Country” magazines (as well as their eponymous public television show), and test recipes to understand the way food and kitchen equipment works best.

They get paid to to play with food, and everybody wins.


For their latest book, “Kitchen Hacks: How Clever Cooks Get Things Done,” outNov. 10, the intrepid chefs anthologized more than 1,000 solutions to kitchen dilemmas — some common, many we didn’t even know we needed to fix.

For example, potato chips make great kindling for lighting your charcoal grill (place a handful of chips on a paper coffee filter at the bottom of the grill and set it on fireunder a chimney. The oily chips will burn slowly, making sure your charcoal gets fiery hot).

The editors categorized their tips into groups for the lazy, for recycling, for single people, and for home bartenders. While all the hacks are great, we were mostly excited about the coffee tricks: Here are their selections, presented with illustrations by John Burgoyne, for getting that early morning jolt of caffeine into your face faster and with more ease.

  • 1 Use An Appliance Timer For Your Coffee Maker
    Courtesy Cook’s Illustrated
    “Wake up to a fresh pot of coffee even if your coffee maker lacks a built-in timer,” the editors of America’s Test Kitchen write. “Rather than spring for a new model, purchase an inexpensive appliance timer (the kind that turns lights on and off when you go on vacation) at the local hardware store. You can set the brewing time before you go to bed and also set a time for the machine to turn off, so you’ll never worry that you left it on.”
  • 2 How To Make A Soundproof Grinder
    Courtesy Cook’s Illustrated
    “Nothing better than waking up to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee, but no one likes to be jolted from sleep by the loud whirring of the coffee grinder. To muffle the noise, place an oven mitt over the grinder before turning it on.”
  • 3 Use A Percolator? Make It Mess-Free
    Courtesy Cook’s Illustrated
    “1. Snip a small hole in the center of a small (4- to 6-cup) basket-style coffee filter.”
  • 4
    Courtesy Cook’s Illustrated
    “2. Fit the filter over the percolator tube and into the basket. Fill the filter-lined basket with ground coffee and brew as directed.”
  • 5
    Courtesy Cook’s Illustrated
    “3. When it’s time to clean up, just dump out the filter with the grounds.”
  • 6 How To Steam Milk In A Mason Jar
    Courtesy Cook’s Illustrated
    “1. To steam milk for cappuccino in the microwave, fill a mason jar no more than halfway, put on the lid, and shake the jar vigorously for 30 seconds.”
  • 7
    Courtesy Cook’s Illustrated

    “2. Remove the lid and microwave the milk for 30 seconds at high power to both warm and stabilize the foam.”

    Watch America’s Test Kitchen show you how to do this here.

  • 8 How To Keep Your Filters From Falling
    Courtesy Cook’s Illustrated
    “When using a manual drip coffee maker, the grounds can spill down into the pot because the paper filter folds over on itself when the water is poured into it. To avoid this problem, dampen the paper filter just a little bit and press it against the sides of the plastic cone. When you add the coffee and pour the water through, the filter adheres to the cone.”
  • 9 How To Remove Stubborn Coffee Stains
    Courtesy Cook’s Illustrated

    “If you’re unable to adequately scrub the inside of your thermal coffee carafe, try this clever trick.

    1. Fill a carafe with a handful of rice and a cup of hot water.”

  • 10
    Courtesy Cook’s Illustrated
    “2. Cover, then swirl and shake the carafe vigorously. Once the inside is clean, discard the rice and water. Rinse several times with hot water to remove any remaining residue.”
  • 11 Clean A French Press Without Stress
    Courtesy Cook’s Illustrated

    “French presses are hard to clean; the spent grounds cling to the bottom of the carafe and collect between the plates ands screen of the plunger. To easily get rid of the grounds without any going down the disposal (usually considered inadvisable), fill the carafe with water, pour its contents into a fine-mesh strainer over the sink and dump the grounds into the trash.

    “To clean the whole press if you have anything left behind, fill the empty carafe halfway with soapy water. Then insert the plunger and rapidly move it up and down a few times. The force of the water dislodges any stuck grounds — and scrubs the sides of the carafe.”

  • 12

    Courtesy Cook’s Illustrated
    You can read many more tips like these in “Kitchen Hacks: How Clever Cooks Get Things Done,” out Nov. 10 from America’s Test Kitchen.

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How to Safely Remove a Stuck Ring

A stuck ring can simply be the result of wearing a ring that’s too small. It can also be caused from arthritis of joints, which can happen as your body changes over the years. This can cause the joints and/or tissue to swell, which prevents you from removing your ring.
When you can’t simply slide your ring off, try these steps for safely removing a ring:
  1. Squirt some Windex – yes Windex – on the finger and ring. Or, use any lubricant such as soap or oil.

  2. Elevate the hand overhead for 5-10 minutes with ice around the ring and finger.

  3. Use dental floss or a thread to compress the swollen finger as shown:

a. Slip the thread or floss under the stuck ring with the bulk of it toward the fingertip.

b. Beginning at the top of the ring, snuggly wrap the finger with the thread/floss around and around, compressing the finger, all the way up and over the knuckle.

c. With the end that was under the ring, begin to unwrap the thread or floss with the ring sliding over the knuckle as you go.

*If all else fails, cut the ring off with a ring cutter found in jewelry stores, fire departments and emergency rooms.


5 Surprising Things You Can Do with Your Phone

Young man standing on the street corner looking at cell phone

My team leader caught me playing with my phone the other day. My initial reaction was that I might get a scolding. Instead, she turned it into an opportunity. “You’re going to write a post about this.”

Yes, yes I will write about this. Let’s get right into it.

Get a Mortgage

Rocket Mortgage: The Mortgage Industry’s Online Revolution - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Rocket Mortgage is Quicken Loans’ attempt to drag the mortgage industry kicking and screaming into the 21st century. It’s a fast, powerful and completely online way to get a mortgage. But it gets better when you bring your phone into the equation.

With the Rocket Mortgage Launchpad app for iOS and Android, you can easily import your driver’s license and W-2 using your phone’s camera in order to get your account set up before going through the entire mortgage approval process on your phone.

You can go through the mortgage process while letting the rhythms of “Rocket Man” by Elton John and “Rocket” by Def Leppard           take you away. (OK, that last part is completely optional, but it’s what I would do.) The whole thing takes only minutes.

Smart Devices

12 Popular Home Décor Trends for 2016 - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

It used to be that the living room would rub its intelligence in the face of all the other rooms in the house, what with its smart TVs and set-top boxes like Apple TV and Roku. Pretty soon, though, the other rooms got jealous and went to school, too.

Now you can control everything from your lights to your oven on your phone.

There are a couple of standards that are currently being used by devices in order to keep everything connected, including Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, Thread and Zigbee. Sometimes compatibility matters and sometimes it doesn’t. For example, it probably doesn’t matter if you have your air conditioner and refrigerator on the same protocol, but your home security system components should probably all be connected.

Speaking of security, you can also use an old smartphone as a quick and dirty security camera. Turn off auto locking features in your phone settings and download a free streaming app. There are many and they all offer similar features. You set up the camera on one phone and sign into your account to use your current phone as a viewer. If you pay for a premium account, sometimes you can save the footage for a length of time.

Home Decoration

5 Surprising Things You Can Do with Your Phone - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

We pride ourselves on giving you lots of home decor tips and tricks on the Zing Blog. Still, no matter how many pictures you see, it can be difficult to tell how a particular look or style will translate to your home.

5 Surprising Things You Can Do with Your Phone - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Autodesk is changing that with Homestyler, a free interior design app for Android and iOS. With Homestyler, you can take a picture of your room and place high-resolution 3D models in the space. I have no design skills at all, but if I did, I could spend hours just playing around with this.

Car Diagnostics

5 Surprising Things You Can Do with Your Phone - Quicken Loans Zing Blog


Have you ever taken your car in to get the check engine light diagnosed only to learn your gas cap wasn’t on tight enough? This causes frustration and robs you of valuable time and money. The modern smartphone can be combined with a port that’s been under the dash in most cars manufactured since 1996 to solve this problem.

Automatic is a $100 adapter that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port under the dash. When paired with a free mobile app, it can read diagnostic codes and let you know exactly why that light is on. If the problem is a little more serious, there are listings of trusted mechanics right within the app.

In addition to diagnosing problems, it can monitor your speed and braking habits to help you track your fuel efficiency and improve it over time.

Help Your Jumpshot

5 Surprising Things You Can Do with Your Phone - Quicken Loans Zing Blog


We don’t all have the natural athletic ability of a LeBron James, but our phones can help us improve our hoop game.

The 94Fifty basketball has sensors in it that can track shot arc, release speed and dribble control, among other things. Pairing it with the app available on iOS and Android gives you feedback to use in your training so you can create repeatable good habits.

It’s a little pricey at $160, but if you want to get better so you can rain the pain on your playground mates, this might be the ball for you.

Have you seen any cool apps lately that really open up the power of your phone? Share with other readers in the comments.

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